International Conference Series On Science, Engineering, and Technology

Universitas Muhammadiyah Sidoarjo – UMSIDA, Indonesia will conduct the International Conference Series On Science, Engineering, and Technology – ICSSET, under the topic “Optimizing the Utilization of Renewable Energy for Community Welfare” The conference will be held online on July 21, 2023 at Universitas Muhammadiyah Sidoarjo, Sidoarjo, East Java, Indonesia.

Since the global population continues to grow along with the depletion of energy raw materials, the development of science and technology in general must also follow suit. In the fields of electricity, electronics, mechanics, industrial system and informatics will be directly involved. The development of electricity and electronics is moving quickly in creating products that are simpler, more sophisticated, but at lower prices. Likewise, mechanical technology which is much simpler with material science is growing rapidly. Materials that are lighter but stronger as well as in industrial and informatics settings. All of them are integrated into a single unit that will support the sustainability of the era of society 5.0.

The era of society 5.0 is in sight. An era where all things that exist will facilitate human movement and thought. Everything becomes more practical. Simple and complete what does is a machine. Human involvement in a process is getting less and less. Everything is represented by the machine. Although on the other hand it is still related to human psychology and the lack of human readiness to deal with it.

To be able to empower science and technology towards readiness to face the era of society 5.0, on this occasion it is necessary to make a positive contribution between the relevant departments. We are sure that researchers will contribute to provide input on this activity. Synergize to prepare and be directly involved in this era of society 5.0.



Registration Deadline : May 21, 2023

Full Paper Submission Deadline : May 21, 2023

Paper Presentation/Conference : June 21, 2023

Paper Publication : July 21, 2023



Dr. Hidayatulloh, M.Si

Universitas Muhammadiyah Sidoarjo


Dr. Syahrorini, ST., MT

Universitas Muhammadiyah Sidoarjo.


Assoc. Prof. Dr Ali Sophian

International Islamic University Malaysia





Mechanical: Robotics Biomechanics, General Mechanics, Acoustic Engineering Mechanical and Electrical IntegrationThermodynamics zSmart Materials and Structures Fluid Mechanics and Machinery Intelligent Instrumentation Precision Manufacturing and Measurement.

Electric: Sensor Microelectronics, Microwave Semiconductors, Electronic Circuits, Insulation Technology, Electrical Machinery, Signals and Systems, Power System, AnalysisHigh Voltage, Technology Automatic, Control System Digital, Electronic Technology, Electrical Control, Technology Power, Analog Electronic Technology, Electromagnetic and Photonics, Microcomputer Principle and Application, Optoelectronic Control, and Measurement.

Computing Technology: Big Data, Data Mining, Text Mining, Time series Mining, Data Informatics Image Processing, Pattern Recognition, Multimedia Geographical Information Systems Machine Learning, Machine Intelligence, Artificial Intelligence Soft Computing (AI, Neural Networks, Fuzzy) Internet of Things.


ISSN Proceeding (DOI and Google Scholar Included) for further submission to Scopus or Web of Science.


Registration fee:
Non-Speaker Participants (IDR. 50,008/ USD 3,4 per person)
Speaker Participants (IDR. 2,250,008 / USD 150 / Participant)

Note:  IDR: Indonesian Rupiah.


Payment can be made by transfer to Bank Syariah Indonesia (BSI) No. rec. 8537965110 in the name of Kas Kecil SAINTEK UMSIDA
After making the payment, please upload the proof of payment to the form provided.


For presenters :  E-Certificate for presenter and participant, E-Book of Abstract with DOI, DOI for poster or Video, ISSN Proceeding for further submission to Scopus or Web of Science.
For participants : E-Certificate.